Thursday, July 25, 2013

US Bucket list

There's a list of things, mostly food, that Steven and I must do (eat) before leaving the country. Yesterday we were able to cross one from that list: Chicken Fiesta!

Steven and I have had many dates at Chicken Fiesta over the years. We've seen it go from a hole in the wall that could seat about 10 people (and it was always packed) to a full restaurant with a second location. It's by far one of our favorite places in RVA. 

Here it is folks, our last #1 chicken sandwich combo with fried yucca. 
If you think that sandwich doesn't look like anything special you're WRONG (stupid). Whatever kind of black magic seasoning goes on that bird before its sent to slow cook on a rotisserie makes it a freaking fantastic chicken dance party in your mouth. Oh and that green and yellow sauce, yeah no idea what they are but I do know that I'd like to slather it on everything. 

My only regret is that Isabelle never got to try it. That baby doesn't know what she's missing.


  1. Ok. So this is a Peruvian chicken place? Because I seriously miss those right now. I was trying to explain this kind of chicken to the locals here in North Dakota. Yeah... that never worked.

  2. You make it sound as if you'll never return to RVA. I'm sure you'll be back and Isabelle will get to try it out on a quick visit back in the future. As an ex-pat of 11 years, I enjoy hitting up my favorite food spots when I make the trip back to Australia. My daughter has enjoyed some of my longtime (old time) favorites : )


  3. Definitely true! However, none of our families live in RVA so our trips to RVA will be infrequent at best.

    Still, I couldn't deprive her of this, so it will be a top priority to visit when she is old enough to appreciate it.