Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Packing update

I swear I've spent every waking moment the last few weeks putting my stuff in boxes. And when I sleep I spend all night dreaming of putting my stuff in boxes. It's weird to see all off our things packed tightly in boxes, stacked up against the walls in (what used to be) our living room. 
Our house is a wreck, last night we ate ramen noodles off of paper plates while sitting on the floor. I start to think, "this is my life now." Sometimes I get overwhelmed and think that this will never end. But...then I remember I'm getting on an airplane on the 25th - HOLD UP - *RECORD SCRATCH err-a-eerp* THAT'S 12 days! 
This was the state of out house last week, since this photo was taken we have added more boxes, and subtracted the kitchen table. 

Don't be jealous. 


1 comment:

  1. So, it sounds like college!! Ramen Noodles, sitting on the floor, dreaming of a trip to the South Pacific. Yeah, good times!

    I will be interested in hearing about the differences between your move, Wilcox's (US Govt. did most of the work) and mine from Brazil many years ago. Case in point - my mom had to get inside of the shipping container to check for leaks - per the moving company's rules. My how we have evolved!