Sunday, August 25, 2013

Transition Phase

Adios, house!
As of Thursday, we are totally out of our house!  Finally the intensely stressful work of simultaneously packing our lives and keeping a toddler alive has passed.  No more packing, and we have family to help with the kiddo- and that leaves me feeling strange.  I'm a problem solver, and for the next few days there's no problems to solve!
Lydia and Isabelle leaving Richmond

I am, however, quite relieved, and am enjoying the time with our families.  There's been all kinds of bittersweet goodbyes, but finally the stress is giving way to excitement again.  I can't wait for the adventure before us!

As usual, here's lots of pictures!
Taking down our pirate flag- long a staple of the MacLauchlan house.

Our neighbor couldn't stand to see it go, and so decided to carry on the tradition.  Thanks, Jeff!
Isabelle and G-Ma (Lydia's mom).  Aunt Vanessa (AKA Aunt Banana) enjoying a beer.

Isabelle likes chomping on your bubbles.

Isabelle and Uncle Sean.

Isabelle striking a pose.

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