Monday, August 19, 2013

All For One

Today was a very memorable day that certainly deserves a quick blog post. Today was tattoo day! 

Throughout the years Steven and I have thrown around the idea of getting tattoos, and after mentioning this to my friend Ashley and her hopping on board, we decided to finally do it! Our last big hurrah before moving. I'm so glad we did it! To put it lightly, I had MANY last minute revisions and, oof, many nerves. I couldn't be happier with our results though! 

Without further delay, a photo collage:

Mine are the elephants on top. My little tribe. Look close, the little one has a bow. 
Next is Ashley's finch. She tells this great story about her mother getting finches. Finally is Steven's MacLauchlan clan family crest. 

And here's our celebration beer afterwards!



  1. "To put it lightly, I had MANY last minute revisions".

    Understatement :)

  2. Did you guys get really tipsy on not a lot of alcohol afterwards? Every time I went drinking after getting some ink, I always got hammered on one beer.

  3. Great tattoos! Thanks for sharing.

  4. @Nicole- I didn't notice any difference, but Lydia said she seemed to.
    @Sandy- thanks!