Thursday, August 15, 2013

Here Once was a Mighty Game Room.

As of just a few minutes ago, my game table was disassembled.  Many a good game has been had in that spare bedroom in our little house.  It was there that the WWPD Podcast began, and there that my best battle reports were photographed.  You've served me well, room.

See it when I first got it all together.

Lots of pictures of the game room in use after the break!

And here where it underwent a major revision!

Serving as a photo studio.

And as it is today.

But of course, a room is just a room.  And the things inside it are just things.  It's the good times that matter!

Isabelle's first taste of combat
Thelma to my Louise.  
Tom- my first opponent in Richmond.  This is the only picture I can find of him wearing his Goum outfit.  Every other picture on is of his crotch looming over the battlefield.  Check out his awesome blog about a martian game!

Board Game nights
And of course- the dudes of WWPD:

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