Friday, August 9, 2013

The Countdown Continues

My coworker and I on our last
 trip up to DC!
DC metro panorama with coworkers
More and more stuff is getting knocked off the to do list.  14 days until the shipping company arrives, 17 days until we leave VA for good, and about 20 days till we touchdown in Auckland!  We're almost done with the forms needed for immigration (fairly in depth health history and criminal background checks), and it will be fantastic to be done with that piece.  My game room is about 75% packed up, the living room is completely dismantled, and after this weekend we won't even have a kitchen table!  We're crossing our fingers that the house will sell quickly, so send us some positive vibes.

Isabelle and Grandpa coloring
Scout A. Moose MacLauchlan-Torres
On Sunday, I had the awful experience of putting one of our dogs to sleep.  I planned to write a whole post about it, but didn't feel comfortable.  Suffice it to say, it was a bad situation, and I think we made the right choice for her.  Thanks to our good friends Jaime and Christine who had provided her a new and loving home a few weeks ago.  She was an ornery dog at the worst of times, and a sneaky diva at the best.  But she was with me every night, sitting on my lap while I painted miniatures or watched Netflix, and I am thankful I got to be with her at the end.  We will miss that little hound.  There will always be a (long, hot dog shaped) hole in our lives without her.

Here's my current top 3 list of things I am going to miss in Auckland (and would be delighted to find out are available!):
*Chipotle.  Seriously, I love that place.

This list is heavily influenced by it being lunch time, and me not having eaten yet.  More to come!

After the break, there's a ton of pictures of Scout.


  1. Scout has left quite a hole in our hearts. From the small amount of time we had her, we fell in love with her. Jayden still asks about her, that is a hard one sometimes... and Petie is depressed, hasn't been back to himself yet. I know I really miss her, doesn't seem fair for something like that to happen... You guys were so awesome to trust her to us though and we really appreciate that and loved the time we got to spend with Scout!

  2. Steve -

    Sorry to hear about Scout. A pet is absolutely a family member and it tears you up inside when this has to be done. My "puppy" is 3 years old (and 97lbs), yet I dread the day when Elvis won't be in our lives...

    You are in the middle of a whirlwind, but before you know it everything will be settled and it will be the holidays! Just get ready for Santa in shorts!